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Why Rhodes?

Rhodes is the largest island in the Dodecanese and the third major tourist destination in Greece. It is located at the crossroads of two major sea routes of the Mediterranean between the Aegean Sea and the coast of the Middle East facing the shores of Asia Minor.

Throughout its long history the different people who settled on Rhodes left their mark in all aspects of the island's culture: art, language, architecture. Its strategic position brought to the island great wealth and made the city of Rhodes one of the leading cities of the ancient Greek world. Its capital city (Rhodes), located at its northern tip, is the capital of the Prefecture with the Medieval Town in its center. In 1988 the Medieval Town was designated as a World Heritage City. The Medieval Town of Rhodes is the result of different architectures belonging to various historic eras, predominantly those of the Knights of St. John.

Rhodes is the Greek island that can travel you back in time, to an era of castles and knights. It is one of the largest and most beautiful Greek islands that you will never get bored, since there are so many unique things to see and different places to visit. Its landscape is in majority covered with forests creating an almost subtropical climate with long periods of sunshine.

Historically, Rhodes was worldwide famous for the "Colossus of Rhodes", one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. The Old Town it is surrounded by medieval walls with huge gates. Today, it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. It is a thriving, exciting island with a diverse cross-section of offerings to satisfy even the most demanding visitor. Traditional villages, numerous well-preserved historical spots and ancient archeological structures are "not to be missed" sights.

The long beaches, the luminous scenery and the warm climate make Rhodes a "destination must" for everyone. Due to the vibrant temperament of the locals, the island also hosts a variety of fairs and celebrations that lucky tourists enjoy to the fullest.

Having always been a magnet for visitors, Rhodes is considered all over Europe an island that combines a real holiday paradise with a rich historical interest.

Rhodes offers endless choices of attractions appealing to all travelers' target. Some of them are:

Kalithea Spa
The Valley of the Butterflies
Seven Springs
Profitis Ilias
Ancient Kamiros

In addition to a variety of sport facilities, churches, local and religious festivals, and of course the active night life.

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